Americans are busy people. We are always going somewhere to do something. Knowing that, how can you capture consumers’ attention? How can you get them to focus on YOUR product?

One answer is billboards.

Billboards are an effective way to generate name and product recognition 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According to an Arbitron study, “71 percent of Americans often look at the messages on roadside billboards. The study found that at one time or another, majority of Americans learned about an event that interested them or a restaurant they later patronized by a billboard alone”.

In the same study, 68 percent of Americans said they make shopping decisions while in the car, making billboards even more appealing to businesses trying to grab customers’ attention.

Considering a billboard? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Keep billboards simple
  • Use less than 6 words to convey the primary message
  • Location, location, location

Top Star Mark13432450_877905268987075_7347962151442661116_n - Copyeting helps clients with billboard media buys. One of our success stories is Tackle Time. Tackle Time is an annual fishing tournament that is held in Texas City each July.

The Texas City La Marque Jaycees wanted to increase local attendance and event awareness. They invest in billboards every year along 146 announcing the event. The billboards add notoriety to the fishing tournament and they have seen a steady increase of attendees from North Galveston County residents.

If you would like Top Star Marketing to help you with your billboard questions, please contact us!